Summer must haves for kids

A must-have for both kids–and yourself and spouse!–is a hat offering adequate sun protection. When it comes to summer  you also need something waterproof and snug fitting for all those outdoor activities. And Swimlids UPF 50+ hats fit the bill!

Swimlids are a line of baseball caps made from 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex. This blend of fabric means they fit great and stay on–even while your child runs and plays or while you’re out sailing on a windy day. They also dry quickly so they’re the perfect hat for you and your child to wear into the water. Moms with long hair will appreciate the secure fit which can hold up hair like a swim cap if you want to keep your hair dry. Swimlids come in sizes ranging from small for babies under 1 all the way to XL for adults. There’s a size for everyone in your family, and also a color for every style.

Choose from bright, rich colors like hot pink (pictured), royal blue (pictured), lime green, bright orange, deep purple, or black. (Choosing a bright color for children can help make them easier to spot in crowded beaches and pools). Moms will also appreciate the Swimlid with a ponytail hole available in the adult size (XL). Swimlids are easily packable and can be thrown in with the rest of your beach or pool gear so whichever style you choose, be sure to get everyone in your family (including yourself!) this great UPF 50+ hat!

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