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Ponytail Hat


This is our classic Swimlid with a twist...or actually a hole! This hat is not going anywhere while you surf, boat, jump in the pool and more.

Swimlids provide sun protection for an active lifestyle. You will not find a hat like this on the market. Fabric is Nylon/Spandex UPF 50+ fabric. Swimlids are great for swimming in a pool, running around at a windy beach, or cruising along on a boat. This hat is a packable hat that you can toss in your beach bag and know that you always have some added protection for those sunny days. This hat should be worn with the proper SPF lotion. Our patent pending construction allows the hat to stay on and not blow off during active play or boating. You can even go under water! SWIM. SPLASH. PLAY. PROTECT.

  • Size Large - this hat will fit an 8 year old up to a small adult head. If your head is over 21" around you should not order.
  • Nylon/Spandex
  • UPF 50+ (wet or dry)
  • Great for swimming
  • Unique construction keeps the hat on during activities—even swimming!